Frequently Asked Questions


It is a 3-month mentorship driven program for entrepreneurs to take their high potential businesses to the next level. A program that helps businesses become Growth-Ready, NEXT Launchpad has been accredited by the success of previous participating businesses and our ever expanding network of mentors and experts.

The curriculum is delivered to you through workshops, brainstorming sessions, one-on-one guidance, inspirational talks and so on.

A business accelerator is a man-made perfect storm of mentorship, access to resources and an innovative community, delivered to entrepreneurs in a short time frame. It turns the complex and daunting task of growing a company into a set of actions that can churn out successful businesses. The programs offered by accelerators are made in collaboration with industry experts.

The program has weekly themes and objectives focusing on essential aspects of business and entrepreneurs. Week by week, this carefully designed curriculum helps to make actual progress in your business with strong business foundations.


Each year, NEXT Launchpad works with one batch of the most promising entrepreneurs and businesses. After the three month acceleration period, the NEXT Launchpad team directs its efforts towards bringing investment and other growth resources into the accelerated businesses.

Applications are open for NEXT Launchpad from May to July, 2022.

The businesses will be informed of their selection by July 2022.

The program is 3 months long, from July 2022.


You need to fill an application form which is available on our website.

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No, not exactly. But you are required to answer all the questions in a concise and understandable manner. Vague and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Your selection for the program is based on the application, personal interviews and team dynamics among other factors. We look for entrepreneurs who are passionate for their businesses’ growth and for companies that have potential for growth nationally and internationally.

The focus is on small teams, not on individual founders. Accelerators consider that one person is insufficient to handle all the work associated with a business. While we don’t rule out companies with only a single founder, we know that single-founder companies have a much harder time succeeding. So we do strongly encourage companies to come in with a balanced team of at least one strong technical founder and one founder who has business or marketing experience.

We take in at least 5 businesses but not exceed 10 in each batch.

NEXT Launchpad is an exclusive business accelerator program, for which we receive around 200-300 applications every year. Only 6-10 entrepreneurs and their businesses get selected for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take their businesses to the next level through a careful selection process.

The applications for the third batch are open! Apply Now!

There are multiple options for application and program fees this year. We have customized options for each of the selected portfolio companies. We've shifted from our previous year's model to a mixture of both equity & program fees. We take single-digit equity or an equivalent fee.  

Please note that this equity participation in your business ensures we are constantly thinking of the best for your business and for your growth.

We select and fund companies with passionate founders and high growth potential. We’re also looking for companies that are scalable to every part of the country and beyond.

We ensure that competitive companies are not taken in the same batch. Though it is likely that similar contenders can receive funds in other batches. 

No, your company does not have to be situated in Kathmandu. However, is it required that at least one of the co-founder and a team member be present in Kathmandu during the entire program as well as pre-program (interview & orientations).

The amount of equity that Next Venture Corp takes into your business for being a part of Next Launchpad depends on the size of your business and at what stage your company is at. This is determined by various factors, one of which is already acquired investment. Therefore, all of this is taken into consideration to determine NEXT’s exact equity in your business.

It depends on various factors such as your vision, product/service, market, program, business strategy of your company. However, we think no business is too far gone, if you have the drive to grow your business there is always a place for improvement.


Our role as the facilitators is making sure that you are given the best training, resource, mentorship, and exposure. We will work hard to make your business investment and growth ready. However, we cannot provide an assurance for investment.

We are facilitators of Nepal’s entrepreneurship community, a part of which means getting promising and high growth potential businesses the most suitable investment deals. We achieve this by aligning the growth needs of the founders and their businesses with the investment objectives of various individual and institutional investors.

Through this process, if we believe that a business’s investment and growth requirements align with the long term objectives of NEXT Venture Corp, we make investments accordingly.

You will only be getting equity investment. The percentage of equity given depends on the investment you receive and the negotiations with the investor.

The amount of investment you require will depend on the size of your business and its future plan. Regardless of the investment amount that you pitch at Demo Day, whether low or high, you will have to justify it and convince the investors that you are the best founder, team and organization to achieve the projected growth. Next Launchpad will enable you to determine the investment requirements for your business’ growth and give you the best chance of acquiring that investment.

You get to pitch your business to individuals and institutions of both local and international caliber.

Ideas are important, but we strongly believe ideas mean very little without proper execution. Therefore, we do not sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or any legally binding contracts.

At NEXT Venture Corp, we work with entrepreneurs in whom we see the passion and potential to execute business ideas. We respect their ideas and plans, and we use the highest level of integrity while helping them achieve their growth targets. In doing so, we trust these people and give them access to all our resources and networks. That is why, we expect the same level of trust and openness from the people we work with.

Our curriculum is based on the solid foundations of the ‘Lean Canvas Model’ which assures that you are given proper education on how to start a business. Going through an accelerator is an announcement to the investors that your business has gone through rigorous evaluations and set up in the correct way. From the viewpoint of the investors, the risk of investing in your business is significantly lower than investing on some other startup.

During Curriculum

You should prepare to allot around 3-4 hrs each day for the accelerator program.

Mentor sessions, workshops and training will usually take place from Sundays to Tuesdays, from 8 AM - 11 AM every week. The rest of the week is dedicated for you to implement the learnings into your business and present your progress.

Mentors are your guides who help you build your business. They are seasoned entrepreneurs, and experts who offer you their assistance throughout the accelerator program by utilizing their expertise, knowledge and networks.

Please view the profile of our mentors

An accelerator curriculum is what makes an accelerator. It outlines the course content, objectives, assignments that will help you learn the fundamentals of running a successful startup/business. Our curriculum has been based on the solid groundwork of the ‘Lean Canvas Model’, ensuring proper education to grow your business.