Co Working spaces: an oasis for startups

Can you imagine yourself cracking a deal of your lifetime one minute and cracking jokes about it the other? Do you simply find yourself craving for some creative and productive networking sessions between your rigorous working schedules? Or Are you looking for a space that promotes creativity and innovation? Well I think I've got a perfect place for people like you and it's called a Co working space; yes an office space where you can work as hard as you want and have equal fun and enjoyment as well. A flexible, interactive and knowledge sharing community where startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers and individual workers can perform their daily work in a closely netted working space.

If you are looking for a better work life balance or seeking to widen your professional and social network then guys Co working space is where you belong. It not only helps you widen your network and improve your work life balance but also helps you in making your financial statements much better looking.

It may sound too good to be true for someone working in a conventional working environment but startup companies like ourselves have taken the initiative to create a platform where you can get access to first class office services at very reasonable  prices and get a chance to rub your shoulders with like minded entrepreneurs and individuals. What all co working spaces basically tries to achieve is create a complete synergy of talent, network and dedication to achieve maximum productivity form a single office space and that's exactly what we are trying to do, create a closely knitted community of Movers and Shakers of today's world. Can you imagine working alongside a Technical writer or a Financial Analyst or an urban planner? If your imagination is not so great then why not be a part of a co-working space to see, feel and experience it yourself?

It doesn’t get any better than an office building or office floor where people from different business backgrounds share the same office space and office utilities in order to gain maximum productivity, collectively as well as individually. The idea is not just to open an office space for all but rather create a creative working environment best suitable for Nepalese entrepreneurs and startups.

The idea of co working space is not new. The first co-working space was established in 2005 in San Francisco by a guy named Brad Neuberg. Since then Co working spaces have been popping up all around the world and shows no signs of slowing down. Co working spaces have in fact been so popular that its number has increased by 400% since the past 2 years around the world. Co working is all about working collaboratively with the best of people in order to achieve personal as well as collective goals. As a business student in my view, one cannot achieve success at the highest level in business from competition but rather from collaboration and co working spaces is all about collaboration.

Enrolling in a co-working space can be just like enrolling in an educational institute. In a school or college you are surrounded by your fellow students who share a common interest in learning and you have different individuals dedicated to improving your certain skill levels and knowledge. In a co-working space your friends are your network and your teachers are your mentors.  The infrastructure is already there, the curriculum is already set and all you have to do is gather the energy and dedication to network and interact the hell out of yourself. It's a sense of community and society that develops when you bring together people who are in interest of each other.  I believe, bringing together a group of startups and entrepreneurs with common interest together can really improve the startup community and entrepreneurial ecosystem in this country.

The best part of a coworking community to a financially struggling startup is that the overall office cost gets shared among a number of startups and entrepreneurs which can be a real advantage in today's ever competitive business world. I believe the path to success shouldn’t necessarily be lonely and tiresome and nerve racking, which is exactly the scenario of startups.  Why can't one find success in an exciting and autonomous environment where work and fun goes hand in hand? Why not?

The aim is to create a dynamic and collaborative coworking environment with the state of the art infrastructure, office services otherwise not feasible to a single startup or entrepreneurs or freelancers. Creating a platform which combines the professionalism of a corporate office, the comfort of home office and the flexibility of a cafe is what coworking developers like myself primarily wish to achieve.

Realizing the scope, benefits and need for co working space in Nepalese entrepreneurial society and startup community we' Next Venture Corp' have designed  a co working space 'Next Venture Hub'  located in Naxal Kathmandu. It's a state of the art Co working space for young and enthusiastic Nepali as well as foreign entrepreneurs and freelancers where productivity and exciting working environment comes hand in hand. It's an opening, heartening and productive co working space where there's an environment of social gathering of a group of likeminded people who are working independently, but share the common value and are interested in the synergy that can happen with working with people who value working in the same office space.

Sanjay Maharjan