Vinay Singhal

Vinay Singhal is the co-founder & CEO of WittyFeed. A few failures and a score of learnings later took shape in September 2014 under the aegis of Vatsana Technologies. Not yet two years and is already valued at $30 million. Vinay, still only 26, has 6+ years of successful experience providing fiscal, strategic and financial leadership in uniquely challenging situations.

WittyFeed is a ‘charticle’ and a ‘listicle’ platform. It is India’s largest viral content company and the world’s second largest in terms of traffic numbers. It is not just another website. It is a steadily growing ecosystem of content creators, publishers and consumers.The platform started out very small with barely a hundred thousand users but has quickly built up its user base. It has an audience reach of a Billion and gets 120 million unique readers every month.