Prajwal Gadtaula

Prajwal currently leads and manages a business research firm, Business Brainz. Through this, he advises companies across the globe enabling them make more informed decisions. Key part of his engagement at Business Brainz includes working with global companies that have adopted Account Based Marketing (ABM), and enabling them gain deeper understanding into each target account through research. He brings a global experience within insight driven marketing, business research, strategic planning, and strong business development skills. In his professional career, he has been associated with organizations including British Telecom Global Services (BTGS), CRISIL – a Standard & Poor’s Company, AON and Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). He has led multiple initiatives including working with a global network service provider in setting up a Key Account Based Marketing program and ensures seamless delivery to clients across geographies. As an entrepreneur, researcher, investor, mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs and startups, he wished to create more job in Nepal.