NEXT Launchpad is a 4 months long mentorship driven program for growth
seeking start-ups. We give your startup the best chance of success,
using our experience, networks, and home grown programs.



The accelerator program at NEXT is derived from the strong ground work of the ‘Lean Methodology’.

We closely follow the insights given in the methodology to ensure that the knowledge disseminated to our startups is on par with what is taught in the top accelerators abroad. The startups are taken through various rigorous phases of learning, from building strong business foundations to gearing for growth to knowing hows to attract and manage funds. By making both the selection process and the program rigorous, we hope to create sustainable and impact oriented companies that are exemplary successes in their fields.

Our Strengths

  • Access to foreign and local seasoned mentors
  • Support from Entrepreneurs-in-Residence
  • Access to Angel Investors Network
  • Premium office space and resources
  • Market Exposure
  • Alumni Support Network

Our Curriculum

  • Building a strong foundation

    This phase forces your startup to justify assumptions, prove market viability and build a clear proposition. You will be collecting crucial customer feedback, which will make it very likely that you need to start making improvements or changing you product. You will be guided through these changes with the help of our amazing mentors .

  • Gearing for success

    You will be strengthening the core activities of your business and know how to correctly run an organisation. The aim of this phase is to make you ready for full operation and success. Be ready to question what you know, and learn how to run a startup from the experts and entrepreneurs who’ve done it before.

  • Managing Growth

    You will be receiving personalised courses on matters you think are worth focusing for your startup. In addition, you will learn how to form strategies and action plans for the growth phase of your business. Thinking long-term is the motto of this phase, in this you will be evaluating how your startup might grow and how change might occur.

  • Attracting Funds

    You have now finally gained and applied knowledge on how to run a successful startup. Next you will need to prove to the interested stakeholders that you are ready for the business world. We will be taking you through the DEMO Day step-by-step, arming you will flawless pitches and killer presentation skills.